Everything You Need to Know About HOA Board Elections

Everything You Need to Know About HOA Board Elections

Elections conjure images of the presidential vote, along with congressional, state, and local contests. But if you're one of the over 75 million people who live in HOA communities, there's yet another election that can come to mind: HOA board elections.

HOA communities are led by boards. Every board has directors, all of whom are homeowners in the HOA, and voted into the seat by other residents.

Whether you're interested in learning more about HOA board elections so that you can vie for a set, or you just want to familiarize yourself with how HOAs operate, you're in the right place.

HOA Bylaws Govern Elections

You might be wondering who decides when elections in an HOA community can be held, who qualifies as a voter, or how long someone can serve on the board.

All these questions are addressed in your HOA's bylaws. Bylaws, which are found in your HOA's governing documents, are the rules and regulations that every resident must follow. If you scrutinize these documents, you'll find a section on the constitution of a board and how it will be elected.

HOA bylaws are designed with the laws of the land in mind. For example, if a state has laws that limit the term of a board president to three years, then the bylaws will only allow a president to serve for a maximum of three years.

Candidate Nominations

HOA communities are democratic organizations. No one is going to install themselves as an HOA president and unilaterally appoint the directors.

As such, when a board is being constituted, anyone can put themselves up for nomination. However, there might be eligibility requirements that those who want to run for office must meet.

For example, you must typically be a homeowner in the community, not a tenant. You may also be required to have no HOA liens on your property.

HOA Board Election Campaigns

Is it an election if there are no campaigns? In any democracy, those running for office must be given adequate time to campaign and share their manifestos with the electorate.

In HOA communities, election nominees can campaign, but not on the scale of politicians. A nominee can hold door-to-door campaigns, briefly having a word with the members of the households. They can also hold small "rallies" in the community's communal spaces, popularizing their policies to the residents.

Voting Management

Election Day is an important day in your HOA community. What's done to ensure the voting process is smooth and transparent, though?

Some HOAs will hire independent election management firms to manage voting, tallying, and announcing results. The winners will be sworn into office and given the mandate to execute their duties as directors of the board.

HOA Elections Are Integral to Successful Communities

HOA communities need effective leadership. It all begins by electing an HOA board of directors that can rise to the occasion. This is why all residents must take HOA elections seriously.

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