3 Tips for Choosing Tenant Screening Services in Sugar Hill, GA

3 Tips for Choosing Tenant Screening Services in Sugar Hill, GA

Evictions have soared since pre-pandemic levels, with over 3.6 million in the last year, according to Eviction Lab.

Every eviction is a different situation, but many of them could be solved with better tenant screening. If you don't properly screen your tenants, you're putting yourself in a vulnerable situation that compromises your property, as well as your time in the event of an eviction.

Tenant screening requires a professional touch. In this post, we're going to give you 3 tips for choosing a tenant screening service.

By hiring a property management company to find your tenants, you can rely on their experience and expertise to prevent tenant issues. Keep reading and get the best tenant screening possible.

1. Pricing

When hiring property managers specifically for tenant screening, you need to get a sense of pricing. How much do you have to pay for the services and what do you get for your money?

Tenant screening is often just one aspect of a Sugar Hill property management company's services, in addition to things like general maintenance, rent collection, and eviction services. If you want to stay focused on tenant screening, you need to find a company that can accommodate these needs.

For a quick background and credit check, you may pay somewhere around $50. When you start to add the costs up for every tenant you screen, it can get pretty expensive. A property manager will charge one rate and deal with multiple screenings to ensure you get the best tenants.

2. Meticulousness

You need to find out how meticulous the screening process is for each potential screening service. The more thorough the screening techniques are, the more likely it is you'll end up with ideal tenants in your rental units.

At PMI, our screening services seek to answer 4 key questions:

  • Is the applicant who they claim to be?
  • Can they afford the rental?
  • Have they shown an ability to pay bills on time?
  • Will they be a respectful tenant?

We use a variety of tactics to get clear answers to these questions, from verifying identification and income to performing credit and criminal background checks. In the end, you end up with high-quality candidates to choose from every time.

3. Track Record

It's important to get a sense of how effective a property manager's tenant screening is. One good way to do this is by looking at ratings and reviews from former clients.

Reviews are a great way to get a general sense of a property management company's reputation. If you find too many reviews that discuss tenant issues and evictions, this is a red flag that their screening services aren't up to snuff.

Get the Best Tenant Screening for Your Real Estate in Sugar Hill, GA

Tenant screening is the key to maximizing your investment property. When you have good tenants, being a landlord is smooth sailing. When you have bad tenants, not only is your property at risk, but your day-to-day becomes a lot more complicated.

Choose tenant screening services that work. At PMI, we're Sugar Hill's top full-service property management company. Contact us today and let us take care of your tenant screening so you never have to worry about late rent, property damage, or evictions again.